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What do browsers have to do with the Web being fun, safe or fast?

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Every day, the Internet gets cooler. New technology means you can do awesome new things. Unfortunately, though, old browsers stop you from being able to try out these awesome new things.

Click on one of the browser icons below to get up to date and avoid missing out

  • Chrome is a fast, simple and secure browser, built for the modern Web.

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  • Safari is a popular browser for Macs. It has an intuitive interface and supports new Web standards.

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  • Firefox is a secure and highly-customisable browser, built for modern Web browsing.

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  • Internet Explorer is a well-known browser that sports many modern features. If you have an old version of Internet Explorer, your browsing experience will be much improved by an update.

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  • Opera is a long-standing browser that has a reputation for innovation.

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Imagine if you could take all the hours you spend doing cross-browser checks and debugging, and use them to make a cooler, more innovative product?

We think we've found a way to help make this dream a reality. We've developed a code-snippet that you can include in the <body> of your site that will alert users with outdated browsers to upgrade right away.

it looks
like this

Generate your snippet below, and spread the word. Together, we can make the Internet better.

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Generate your code

Give us your site's URL and minimum browser requirements, then hit “Generate”. We'll give you some code that you can paste in the <body> of your site.

Get involved

The more people that know about Browser Awareness Day, the more people we'll have with up-to-date browsers. The sooner we get everybody up to speed, the sooner the Web will become even more awesome.


our pack of banners & ribbons
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help spread the word
You have the power to make the Web more

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Join us!

Do you feel the same way that we do? Are you an agency, dev house or freelancer that wants a standards-compliant Web? Complete the form below and we'll add you to our ultra-cool group of affiliates.

These folk proudly support Browser Awareness Day. So should you.



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